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Welcome to the AVLTree home page. It's plain, but that's because I spend most of my time working on more interesting projects instead of making my web pages look cool. You can download any version you wish below, although the newest versions are at the top of the list. I only distribute this package in tar/gzip format at the moment.

AVLTree 0.1.5 released Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Fixed some issues compiling under stricter compilers and updated some URLs in the documentation.
AVLTree 0.1.4 released Sunday, November 16, 2008
Incorporated idea from Samhain's version of this code to have xAVLCloseSearchNode() also return information on if an exact match was found to make some of the internal routines more efficient.
AVLTree 0.1.3 released Wednesday, July 4, 2001
BUG FIX: The AVL tree was not being rebalanced whenever a leaf node was deleted, even if the parent node became unbalanced by the operation.
AVLTree 0.1.2 released Sunday, March 4, 2001
Consolidation of *AVLTree.h and *AVLTree.c files into a single Bourne shell script that generates them.
Includes new gAVLTree data type.
Test program chanegd to use gAVLTree instead of zAVLTree.
Updated the README file.
AVLTree 0.1.1 released Sunday, March 4, 2001
Updated contact information, which is grossly out of date in the previous revision.
Added a test program that also serves as an example using a zAVLTree.
Added a dumb Makefile.
AVLTree 0.1.0 released 1998
Initial release.

The Future Plans

Contact COSINE at COSINE dot ORG if you want to chat!