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If it isn’t obvious, I’m updating my web page for the first time in over four years. This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve been participating in the LiveJournal community for the most part, and blogging there. There’s also a link in the sidebar.

I still want to use cosine.org for some stuff, but I’m not sure how I’m going to manage it yet. It would be a good place for a technical blog, but so would cosinewave.net along with the comic. Decisions!

Right now cosine.org is all static content. That’s not ideal for a blog, where comments are nifty. So something’s going to have to give. I’d write a small Rails app for the task, but the site I’m hosting on is too low on RAM to handle even one Rails application except using the CGI gateway (slooow!).

And by the way, although I’ve been saying it out loud for five years, I’ll say it again right here: If you program and you haven’t looked at Ruby yet, you will kick yourself when you do someday and wonder why you didn’t check it out sooner. So just check it out, okay? No, just knowing Python is not sufficient. Ruby is a cut above. I’ve been saying this for five years, but I’m not good at sales. Ruby will speak for itself when you learn it, okay? Trust me!

And if I end up being a big fat liar with my pants on fire about this Ruby stuff, you probably didn’t lose much time figuring it out, did you? Oh, you haven’t looked at Ruby yet? Dammit, GO LOOK NOW!

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