Ruby, Rails, Applicaton Security, and more!

I’ve decided that should be dedicated to my favorite computer topics: Ruby, Rails, application security, and OpenBSD. This is all awesome stuff. Stuff that is awesomely interesting to me. However my level of knowledge in these topics varies a bit, and it creates a perplexing situation for me.

Firstly, my recent computer research efforts have been to learn yet more about application security. I know what I know very well, but I also know when I feel a weakness in my knowledge—and I need to do more with application security to advance my knowledge there. I have all the basics now; the next step is application.

Additionally, I need to do more with Rails. I know Ruby very well, and it is absolutely the best programming language I have ever used. I have dabbled with Rails know the basics, but I need to do something useful with it so I have an ongoing Rails project to care for. Without something like that my knowledge in Rails has not broken a mediocre level, and I have fallen behind in recent advances that the Rails core team has delivered recently. An update to this very website into a Rails powered site is very likely! 😉

In summary, the two areas I want to target my development is application security and Rails. Tune in to see what I decide to do with each of these. Drop me a line if you want to chat about it! I love talking about these subjects, so I will love to talk.

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